We are USCIS approved regional center. We are also immigration and investment experts who provide interested investors the opportunity to obtain an Immigrant Visa, or a Green Card, under the United States Immigration Investors program also known as" EB 5". This is an immigrant investor visa that enables investor and there family to settle down permanently in the United States of America. The goals of the program is to incontinence investment and create American jobs by providing green cards for qualified foreign investors that invest capital into approved EB-5 projects. At New Fortune Global EB-5 Regional Center we invest the capital for projects that meet the program's eligibility criteria, such as business expansions or new project development.


Advantages In EB-5 Program


·         Live, work, or retire anywhere in the U.S., regardless of the location of your EB-5 investment.

·         The primary applicant, spouse, and all children under the age of 21 qualify under the same EB-5 application.

·         Equal access to college education and opportunity for in-state tuition.

·         No requirement to manage daily business operations of the investment.

·         No travel restrictions in and out of your home country.

·         No current visa quota backlogs.

·         No sponsor is required as with most other employment or family-based visa categories.

·         No claim for extraordinary ability or minimum education level. 

·         Option to become a U.S. citizen 5 years after you receive a conditional green card.